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19 Aug,2018 ->
SCAM what a poor moron road tramp admin ...never invest there ..2 days like this 18 August 2018, 00:04 2.50 Waiting
18 Aug,2018 ->
they give me back 1$ after 2 hours of my deposit and for a moment withdraw is instant 18.08.18 19:47 Receive Received Payment 0.15 USD from account U11494751 to account U16403069. Batch: 225134612. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to hyiprev from
18 Aug,2018 ->
it is a SCAM never invest there 18.08.18 17:50 Transfer Sent Payment: 1.00 USD to account U11494751 from U16403069. Batch: 225125462. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to User hyiprev. and my balance is 0 hyiprev Registration Date: Aug-18-2018 Last Withdrawal: ... a moron tramp admin: $ 0.00 Total: $ 0.00 Pending Withdrawal: $ 0.00 Last Deposit: $ n / a do not invest there
18 Aug,2018 ->
waiting for them answer after 1 hour ,i deposit 5$ but they never add to the plan i chose 18.08.18 05:36 Transfer Sent Payment: 5.00 USD to account U15424784 from U16403069. Batch: 225061916. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to User hyiprev. User: hyiprev Registration Date: Aug-18-2018 Last Access: Aug-18-2018 01:38:02 AM Account Balance: $0.00 Earned Total: $0.00 Pending Withdrawal: $0.00 Withdrew Total: $0.00 Active Deposit: $0.00 ill keep you update but do not invest now
16 Aug,2018 ->
16.08.18 06:28 Receive Received Payment 0.44 USD from account U18969583 to account U16403069. Batch: 224842830. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to hyiprev from Deutsch Holdings Group LTD.
16 Aug,2018 ->
ANOTHER PAYMENT RECEIVED! 2ND TIME GOT PROFIT!!! Received $20 via BTC batch id: a6545a3e65d38f5f8ba68aa634aaa997f17e6bce4a6d1e538c7c5d5ebd1a8692 THAT PROGRAM PAYIIINNNGGGG
15 Aug,2018 ->
not paying! He asks me to reinvest to get my gain. And two days later my account was blocked. I write no answer to them. I no longer have access to my real account. scam scam
13 Aug,2018 ->
$0.75 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account n/a. Transaction batch is n/a. USD-Market.Ltd seems to be already a SCAM!!!!! no a penny come in my account do not invest there at ALL
12 Aug,2018 ->
thanks Admin ,instant withdraw 12.08.18 08:34 Receive Received Payment 0.13 USD from account U15573217 to account U16403069. Batch: 224397642. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to hyiprev from USD-Market.Ltd.
12 Aug,2018 ->

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